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Why the T’ai Chi blog?

There was a day last summer when all of the different strands to my (portfolio!) career came together – and on that one day it all made complete sense! I was at a talk by Peter Kindersley, owner of Neals Yard Organics (I am a Neals Yard consultant, just for the sheer love of such amazing products!) He was talking about organic farming, soil quality & his environmental ideals. Up popped a few names of experts I have met through my day job – writing conferences for a big “eco” exhibition on sustainability & the built environment. Everything Peter was talking about really resonated with me – and throughout his material, I was continually reminded of how much T’ai Chi principles also aligned with the themes of the day.

I mulled this all over on my return trip – how amazing it was that all the strands of what I had previously seen as quite distinct areas of my working life – all came together on one day! But on further reflection – Eureka! It became stunningly clear that they all had certain key things in common – Nature; getting back to Nature; a desire to protect our environment; a recognition of the need to improve our environment & wellbeing; and a drive for simplicity.

I am passionate about what T’ai Chi practice can do for our health; and what T’ai Chi principles can do for our wellbeing, mental health, relationships, communication, and in our businesses.


I will be sharing my thoughts on the following – very inter-related – themes:
• Simplicity
• Stress-busting techniques
• Wellbeing & healthier lifestyles
• Finding a corner of time just for “me-time”
• Self awareness, self development
• T’ai Chi principles as coping strategies
• T’ai Chi principles in business
• Getting back to “core” values
• Communication; developing better communication through understanding & empathy
• T’ai Chi exercises
• Benefits of meditation
• Benefits of getting back to Nature
• Understanding the eastern approach to learning
• Chinese philosophy

As a development of my T’ai chi teaching, I also organise full day retreats – Retreat Days featuring T’ai chi, Yoga & Pilates. This day away from home, away from the office and all distractions allows you to relax, unwind & rejuvenate. It’s a day for gentle exercises, relaxation treatments, and health & wellbeing talks – all in a stunning Oxfordshire setting.

I may from time to time post guest blogs from fellow instructors, and holistic therapists. We’re all bursting with things to share with you…!